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- simple software for recording and maintaining machinery and equipment FREE

it serves for the registration of machinery and other equipment, including the monitoring of service intervals (maintenance dates). This is a separate module of software Repairs and service. If you are looking for a comprehensive software for managing service orders, repairs, complaints, equipment, clients, loans etc, look at

Program Devices evidence freeware:

  • It records the basic characteristics of the device.
  • Attachments allow you to store any additional data (documents, manuals, service sheets, images) in the database.
  • Includes a address book that can serve as a database of clients or device owners.
  • The integrated print Report Designer can not only edit but also create new print reports and add them to the program menu.
  • It monitors service intervals, color highlights and ranks the equipment according to the term of the next service.
  • The Program supports network work, includes user management, is built on the Microsoft SQL server Database.
  • The edit boxes and texts in the program can be renamed almost arbitrarily using a language file.
  • Unicode, multi-language, language editor included.
  • The Program is free and has no time or functional limitations..
  • User support or modification of the program can be purchased from the author of the program.



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